The Beauty of Japanese-style Calligraphy

"The Beauty of Japanese-style Calligraphy"

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries  July 13, 2013 (Sat) - September 8, 2013 (Sun)

Poems of Bai Juyi, By Fujiwara no Kozei, Heian period, dated 1018 (National Treasure)

The history of Japanese calligraphy developed under the influence of Chinese calligraphy techniques. As Japanese styles of social systems and culture evolved in the mid-Heian period (around the 10th century), the renowned calligraphers Ono no Tofu, Fujiwara no Sari, and Fujiwara no Kozei appeared, who established the Japanese style of calligraphy. From then on, the tradition of Japanese-style calligraphy became central in the history of calligraphy in Japan. This exhibition introduces the allure of calligraphy by looking at its history, through an array of Japanese-style calligraphy masterpieces.