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Past Symposium

International Symposium "Reinventing Japanese Art through Museum Experiences"


What is Japanese art? The images this question evokes vary by country and individual. These images may depend on a particular country’ s history of cultural exchange with Japan, or may even be formed on biased or inaccurate information. Through the experiences that museums provide, however,visitors are able to “discover” fresh and stimulating aspects of Japanese art, as well as its cultural and historical contexts, that are entirely different from, or may even contradict, their previous knowledge and understanding. This symposium will explore the questions of what museums have accomplished so far, are able to do now, and should pursue in the future in order to allow visitors to think beyond stereotyped images of Japanese art, while broadening their understanding and appreciation of it.

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Day 1: Friday, January 12

13:30 Introduction

13:45 Reports and Case Studies

Mary Redfern (Curator of East Asian Collections, Chester Beatty Library, Ireland)
Motoki Sakai (Curator, Research Division, Tokyo National Museum, Japan)
Rhiannon Paget (Assistant Curator of Asian Art, The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, USA)
Chiori Fujita (Senior Manager, Education Programing, Tokyo National Museum, Japan)
*The order of the presentations may change without prior notice

17:45 Conclusion


Day 2: Saturday, January 13

10:00 Introduction

10:10 Presentations

Rosina Buckland (Senior Curator, East & Central Asia Section, Depertment of World Cultures, National Museum of Scotland, UK)
Andreas Marks (Mary Griggs Burke Curator of Japanese and Korean Art; Japanese and Korean Art Department Head; Director of the Clark Center for Japanese Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA)
Ryo Furuta (Associate Professor, The University Art Museum,Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)
Daan Kok (Curator (East Asia), National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands)
*The order of the presentations may change without prior notice

15:00 Panel Discussion

Moderator: Hideaki Kunigo (Supervisor, Collections Management, Tokyo National Museum, Japan)

17:15 Conclusion

17:30–19:00 Reception


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January 12, 2018 (Fri) - January 13, 2018 (Sat)  
Friday, January 12, 2018 (13:30-17:45); Registration begins at 13:00
Saturday, January 13, 2018 (10:00-17:15); Registration begins at 9:30
Free of charge; prior application required; simultaneous interpretation provided throughout
Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request if seating reaches capacity
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December 21, 2017
Organized by
The 2017 Curatorial Exchange Program for Japanese Art Specialists Abroad Planning Committee
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