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Tokyo Shishimai Collection 2020 ―Lion dances revived after the Great East Japan earthquake―

There are several thousand lion dances in Japan. Despite its name, a lion dance does not always feature a lion. They can also feature other animals, such as tigers, deer, cats, as well as the fabled kirin. The people of Japan have performed these dances to pray for good harvest, to ward off calamity, and as memorial services for the dead, offering various prayers through the power of these animals.

As Japan has developed in coexistence with nature, this folk performing art has flourished in its various regions. The 2020 Tokyo Lion Dance Collection provides a chance to encounter and witness various lion dances from the Tohoku region – right in Tokyo. Let the charm of the lion dance be transmitted from Tokyo to the whole country, and all over the world!


May 11, 2019 (Sat) - May 12, 2019 (Sun)  
May 11, 2019 (Sat) 14:00~
May 12, 2019 (Sun) 10:30~/13:00~
Japanese Gallery (Honkan)-Front yard