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Sesshū: The Journey Through His Ink Landscape Paintings


Delve into the world of Sesshu’s ink-wash landscapes. Take a VR journey to witness the unseen.

Sesshū Tōyō is one of the great masters of ink painting. With bold brush strokes and dynamic depictions of spatial depth, his masterpieces captivate us and take us deep into his world.
For Tokyo National Museum’s 150th anniversary celebration, a VR experience with realistic images that go into the details in the screen will let you follow the master painter’s brush strokes and feel his dedication, and experience the sensation of traveling inside the hanging scrolls. It is truly a journey through the natural landscape.
We hope you will enjoy this new VR experience and learn more about the world of Sesshū and his ink landscape paintings.

*We anticipate congestion just before the entrance time. Please purchase tickets as early as possible, well in advance of the show time.

Website: TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater

* English audio guide available (Free)

* You may not enter mid-way through the program.

* Screening schedule and capacity are subject to change.

* From April 1, 2022, visitors can view the regular exhibitions without making reservations.
Please purchase your ticket at the ticket booth by the Main Gate.


October 19, 2022 (Wed) - December 25, 2022 (Sun)   (Every Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun)
Asian Gallery (Toyokan)-TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater
[Wed, Thu, Fri] 12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
[Sat, Sun, Holidays] 11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
Running time
about 35 min.
High school students and above: 600yen
*Regular admission fees apply to persons over 18 (excluding high-school students) and under 70.
Elementary and junior high school students: 300yen
Pre-school children and persons with disability and one person accompanying them: Free
Ticket purchase
At the theater entrance
*Admission at the front of the theater ends at screening time.
Supervision of
Tokyo National Museum/National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties
Toppan Inc.
050-5541-8600(Hello Dial)