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The Palace VR The Forbidden City : The Palace of Emperors


The magnificent and transcendent Forbidden City
Touring the ancient palace, a dazzling culmination of Chinese traditional culture

Located in the heart of Beijing, the Palace Museum was established on the basis of the Forbidden City, where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived and carried out their politics. This work uses virtual reality to recreate the Forbidden City at the height of the Qing dynasty. The tour will take you to three palaces: the Hall of Supreme Harmony, a magnificent ceremonial space; the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the site of the emperor’s political affairs and daily life; and the Studio of Exhaustion from Diligent Service, which shaped the ideals of the Qianlong Emperor who helped establish the dynasty’s golden age. This tour explores the charm of the Forbidden City, an enduring culmination of Chinese traditional culture and the historic setting for the successive generations of emperors who lived there.


Website: TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater

* English audio guide available (Free)

* You may not enter mid-way through the program.

* Screening schedule and capacity are subject to change.

* From April 1, 2022, visitors can view the regular exhibitions without making reservations.
Please purchase your ticket at the ticket booth by the Main Gate.


July 26, 2022 (Tue) - October 16, 2022 (Sun)   (Every Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun)
Asian Gallery (Toyokan)-TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater
[Wed, Thu, Fri] 12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
[Sat, Sun, Holidays] 11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00
*Additional screenings will be shown from 11:00 on Monday, September 19 (public holiday) and from 12:00 on Monday, August 15 and Tuesdays during the Special Digital Exhibition: The World of the Gu Gong Imperial Palace, which runs from Tuesday, July 26 to Monday, September 19 (public holiday).
Running time
about 35 min.
High school students and above: 600yen
*Regular admission fees apply to persons over 18 (excluding high-school students) and under 70.
Elementary and junior high school students: 300yen
Pre-school children and persons with disability and one person accompanying them: Free
Special Digital Exhibition: The World of the Gu Gong Imperial Palace Set Ticket: 1,800yen
*Sold only at the ticket booths by the Main Gate.
Ticket purchase
At the theater entrance
*Tickets including entry to the Special Digital Exhibition: The World of the Gu Gong Imperial Palace are available for purchase at the ticket booths by the Main Gate only.Tickets are available at the ticket booths by the Main Gate until 15 minutes before the screening.
*Admission at the front of the theater ends at screening time.
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The Palace Museum/Toppan Inc.
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The Palace Museum/Tokyo National Museum/National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties
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