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Past Lectures

Approaching Honen Shonin

(In Japanese)

November 26, 2011 (Sat)
13:30 - 15:00
Lecture by
Atushi Nishiyama, Director of Curatorial Division of Nara National Museum
380 seats (* Reservations are required in advance. Random choice when overbooked.)
Free with ticket of Honen and Shinran.
How to Apply
Write the names of each person applying (up to 2 people), your address, postal code, telephone number and the date of the lecture (Lecture "Honen and Shinran" / 2) on an ofuku hagaki (reply-paid postcard; available at post offices) and your name, your return address and postal code on the reply-card and send it to the address below by Monday, October 31
* Your personal data will only be used for this specific purpose.
Send to
ATTN : "Honen and Shinran" commemorative lecture
4th floor, Yamanashi Building
Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho 1-28-9
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0014
03-5405-8686 (Hello dial)

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