>> What's on today: January 15, 2021 (Fri)

What's on today: January 15, 2021 (Fri)

Special Exhibition

Japanese Architecture: Traditional Skills and Natural Materials

Hyokeikan   December 24, 2020 (Thu)-February 21, 2021 (Sun)

Japanese traditional architecture has undergone changes and diversification in accordance with the country’s natural and social conditions. Over time, styles and features unique to Japanese buildings – such as temples, shrines, castles, and houses – has been developed, and there are many historical buildings that have survived to date.

Since 2018, the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA), Government of Japan, has been working on the proposal of “Traditional skills, techniques and knowledge for the conservation and transmission of wooden architecture in Japan” for inscription on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The exhibition Japanese Architecture: Traditional Skills and Natural Materials features architectural models from our exhibition of Japanese antiquities held on the occasion of Tokyo 1964 Olympics, as well as those created by ACA to examine the styles and skills employed in the historical buildings designated as national treasures or important cultural properties prior to their restoration, with the aim of transmitting the traditional craftsmanship. Visitors can gain an overview of Japanese architecture from ancient to modern times through these exquisite models of architectural masterpieces.

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Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room T1 & T2  January 2, 2021 (Sat)-January 31, 2021 (Sun)
Asian Gallery (Toyokan) Room 8  January 2, 2021 (Sat)-February 28, 2021 (Sun)
Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 15  December 8, 2020 (Tue)-February 14, 2021 (Sun)
Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room 14  December 1, 2020 (Tue)-February 21, 2021 (Sun)
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