>> What's on today: November 12, 2017 (Sun)

What's on today: November 12, 2017 (Sun)

Special Exhibition

The Living Treasures of France

Hyokeikan    September 12, 2017 (Tue)-November 26, 2017 (Sun)

Modeled on the Japanese certification of “Living National Treasure,” the French equivalent, called "Maître d' Art" or “Master of Art,” was established in 1994 by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, the ministry in charge of cultural and artistic affairs. The purpose of this certification is to preserve and pass down traditional craftsmanship to future generations while promoting innovation. This is the first exhibition of its kind in the world introducing one artist from each of the fifteen fields, including ceramics, glass, leather, tortoiseshell, feather, umbrellas, fans, and wallpaper. Visitors are invited to view and experience outstanding craftsmanship and tradition, as well as splendid beauty that will inspire future generations.

UNKEI - The Great Master of Buddhist Sculpture

Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries  September 26, 2017 (Tue)-November 26, 2017 (Sun)

In Japan, no Buddhist sculptor is better known than Unkei. With his extraordinary artistic talent, he led a new era in sculptural expression, creating realistic works that appear before the viewer as though they were alive. For this Special Exhibition, Unkei’s masterpieces have been brought together from across Japan. These include works from Kohfukuji temple in Nara, with which he had close relations. In addition to presenting an overview of Unkei’s life as a sculptor, the origins of Unkei’s remarkable style and its transmission will also be explored through the inclusion of works by his father, Kokei, as well as his sons, Tankei and Koben.

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