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Membership, Donations, Gifts

Individual Membership (TNM Individual Members, Friends of TNM, Museum Passports, Basic Passports, TNM News Subscription, E-magazine Subscription)
Group Membership (TNM Corporate Members, Campus Members)
Donations, Gifts



The Tokyo National Museum exhibits valuable cultural properties and hosts exhibition-related events throughout the year. Our garden, open to the public in spring and autumn, brings out the bright colors of the changing seasons. The Tokyo National Museum can offer new, fresh surprises and impressions even after multiple visits. We have various kinds of memberships available for a wide range of visitors to enjoy our museum. We look forward to having you join our museum community.


Individual Membership

TNM Individual Members

TNM Individual members helps support the museum’s operation. Your membership fee will be used for various museum activities including acquisition, conservation, and education (Details are reported annually to members at our appreciation event). To show our gratitude, various benefits are available depending on an individual's membership contribution. Additionally, membership to the museum is tax deductible.


Friends of TNM

This membership program is suitable for frequent visitors and those that enjoy dining and attending events at the museum. Benefits include: unlimited free admission to regular exhibits, and up to twelve free entries to special exhibitions. Membership includes free "TNM News" subscription, as well as discounted prices on event admissions and gift shop items.

Museum Passports, Basic Passports

A Museum Passport is suitable for visitors frequenting special exhibitions. Benefits include: unlimited free access to the regular exhibition, as well as a one-time free admission to any six special exhibitions of your choice.
The Basic Passport is suitable for visitors frequenting regular exhibitions. It includes unlimited free access to the regular exhibition.
Museum Passport and basic membership holders can also subscribe to "TNM News," issued six times a year, for an additional 900 yen.

"TNM News" Subscription (Subscription to the museum bulletin)

"TNM News" is a museum bulletin featuring a wide variety of topics from exhibition information to various current events at the museum. This is a great way for members to stay up-to-date on museum activities, and to receive advance notice on upcoming exhibitions, programs and events. The bulletin is mailed six times a year to subscribed members (Domestic addresses only).

E-Magazine Subscription

Subscribers receive members-only emails containing the latest updates from the museum. The email is sent every other Monday.

For a full description of members' benefits, please refer to the "Individual Membership Scheme Table."

"Individual Membership Scheme Table"PDF, 37KB)

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Group Membership

TNM Corporate Members

TNM Corporate members help support museum operations. Your donations will be used for various museum activities including acquisition, conservation, and education (Details are reported annually to members at our appreciation event). Membership is tax deductable.


Campus Members

The Campus Members Program is available to universities, with the aim of having students become more familiar with our museum. Students and faculty of member schools are eligible for free admission to the regular exhibition. Students also receive additional discounts on special exhibitions and member school-only seminars.

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Donations, Gifts


The Tokyo National Museum welcomes financial support from a wide range of individuals and organizations to help us purchase, exhibit, and preserve cultural properties, and to aid us in developing and furthering research analysis and educational programs, which form the base of our activities. There are donation boxes located at the Honkan entrance, in the Honkan Room 17 and at the Heiseikan entrance. We sincerely appreciate visitors' support of the museum, and endeavor to make appropriate use of all donations.
We respectfully ask for your support and assistance.

About Donations (Further details about private donations)
About Planned Giving



The Tokyo National Museum engages in the collection, storage, exhibition, study, and research of precious cultural properties from Japan and other Asian countries.
Since our founding in 1872 (Meiji 5), more than 3,000 donors have contributed gifts of invaluable cultural properties, which we store and utilize at the museum. The names of all donors are listed in first floor of Heiseikan in honor of their kindness and generosity. In addition to making our collection widely accessible to the public through exhibitions, we will continue to maintain a proper environment for the preservation and protection of the cultural properties.

Inquiries About Giving

Tokyo National Museum, Collections Management Department, Registrar's Office
TEL: 03-3822-1111  9:30-17:00 (Closed weekends and holidays)


Call for Donations for Saving Cultural Properties Damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, precious cultural properties were severely damaged by the resulting tsunami. In response to requests from national and local governments, the Tokyo National Museum (TNM) carried out rescue activities of cultural properties. In accordance with these requests, TNM will, as a specialized institution, continue to dedicate itself to rescue activities including the transportation, preservation, and restoration of these cultural properties. Your donations will be used to facilitate these activities.
We respectfully ask for your continued support and cooperation.

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