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Terms and Conditions for Use of Images without Charge

Images in the digital image database(in Japanese) and image search(in Japanese)of the Tokyo National Museum digital archives(in Japanese)can be used free of charge without application for non-commercial purposes under the terms and conditions below.
Please refer to Examples of Commercial Use and Non-commercial Use prior to obtaining images. For instance, please note that use for broadcasts and films, publications of books, periodicals, textbooks, and educational materials are basically regarded as commercial use.
Upon the use of images, users are regarded as having read and accepted all the terms and conditions below, and having agreed to follow any instructions as to delete the image(s), etc. when requested by TNM.

1.The obtained image(s) must not be provided with or without charge to third parties.

2.The image(s) must be clearly identified its source to be from Tokyo National Museum: e.g. "Image courtesy of Tokyo National Museum".

3.When the image is uploaded on a website, the link to the Tokyo National Museum website must accompany.


4.No alterations to images can be made except for trimming.

5.When printed out in any format, the circulation must be 2,000 or less.

6.When printed out in any format, the image must appear in the size no larger than 148 x 240 mm.

7.In scholarly articles in scholarly journals, these terms and conditions only apply for images used as figures within the articles, not for plates and covers of the journals on which the paper is published.

8.Any other usage which does not meet the above terms and conditions require image request forms.

Requests can be made here.

Requests for high-resolution images or for images not uploaded on the database should also be made through image request applications.

Requests can be made here.


When used for academic publications, the author is obliged to send one copy of the publication to the address below. Please note that the received publications, after verification, may be provided for public use at the Research and Information Center as resource materials.

Publications should be addressed to:
Research and Information Center, Publication submission
Tokyo National Museum
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3822-1111

Upon mailing, please print out, fill out and enclose the publications submission form downloaded from this website.
Publications submission form (Word,44KB)(PDF,98KB)

Please note that the use of images will be subject to suspension when the use is considered as an act contrary to public policy, when the usage seriously impairs the values of cultural properties, and at any other such instances when TNM considers the usage as inappropriate.