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Museum (Bimonthly Academic Journal))

No.672 (February 2018) A4size  1543yen

"The Production of Decorative Calligraphy Models in the Tokyo National Museum Collection: With Draft Writings by Monk Seisho as a Clue" by HAMANO Mayumi
"Reserch Reoprt on Wooden Fragments in Brāhmī Script Housed in the Tokyo National Museum" By OGIHARA Hirotoshi a d CHING Chao-jung
"On the Kučā-Kharoṣṭhī Wooden Fragments Kept in the Tokyo National Museum" By CHING Chao-jung
"Kano Tan'yu and Nagai Shinsai Naomasa: Acquaintance between an Appointed Painter and a Daimyo-lord Tea Master" By ONO Mayumi